Teacher Tuesday's: Introducing, Natalie Dicola!

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Natalie Dicola, a first grade teacher in Newburgh, NY, shows constant acts of selflessness and love in her teaching career. For example, her nominee told us that during COVID-19, Natalie went out of her way during her free time, and set up social distancing picnics and read to her student(s), taking the proper precautions to keep everyone safe. A Fabulous Working Female in every way, the most fabulous part of all is the way she positively impacts all of her young students lives.

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! I’m Natalie. I’m 26 and going into my fourth year of teaching. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my dog, Patches.

*Who are you and what grade/ subject do you teach?

I teach first grade at Horizons On The Hudson in the City Of Newburgh. I often get “Why do you work in Newburgh? Can’t you get a job closer to home?” My response to that is always yes I could get a job closer to home but these kids NEED me and I need them. Newburgh is where I am meant to spend my teaching career.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

What inspired me to became a teacher started around the time I was in second grade. My dad passed away in the summer when I was 8. At his services, I remember being surround with family but I did not exactly realize what would be a life without a father. One thing that solidified my decision to become a teacher was seeing my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Perelle and 2nd grade teacher Mrs. LeFevre at my father’s services. In that moment, I saw how teachers not only care in the classroom but outside as well. I saw the love and care these two teachers showed and how they took time in their summer to show their respects to a student and her family. And that is when I knew I’d become a teacher.

-what is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

There are so many things I love about being a teacher! My favorite thing by far is providing a safe and loving classroom so my students feel comfortable to learn and grow. Many come to school for two healthy meals a day, love, and hugs and I’m happy we can provide that for them.

Can you describe what makes you feel FABULOUS when teaching/being a teacher?

What makes me feel fabulous being a teacher is when my students finally grasp a concept, learn to read, and become responsible and caring citizens. I’m lucky to see my kids move up to other grades and watch them become who they are.

Thank you, Natalie, for bringing so much love and light into this world. It is people like you who bring hope to our future generations. We know the future will be nothing but bright and successful for you, and we look forward to following along!

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