Small Business (x2) Of The Month: Michele Lisa Salon & Royal Status NY!

Fabulous Working Females Presents:

May 2021

Small Business (x2) of the Month!

Michele Lisa Salon AND Royal Status NY!


Michele Lisa, Founder of Michele Lisa Salon AND Royal Status NY!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Michele Lisa Piccolo I have been Hairstylist for 15 + years. Have trained with Brands including REDKEN & AVEDA throughout my career and a non stop education addict. I am the owner of Michele Lisa Salon & Royal Status. Im a wife & a mom of two as well as the founder of these two businesses. my hobbies are reading self help books and listening to music. Total corn ball I know, I plan to elevate both these brands in the next few years with some new concepts. I want to start a movement with other businesses join forces stronger than ever. Stay tuned

What business did you start?

Michele Lisa Salon is a full service salon that provides our guest with in salon or on site services. We bring to you a true beauty experience to say the least. opened July 2011 we are located at 2241 crompond road cortlandt manor. 8 years later we decided to open royal status retail & beauty at 2229 crompond cortlandt manor. We launched this concept to provide all our brow and tan guests a new beauty type experience.

What inspired you to start this business?

I was truly inspired about an icon in our industry who broke it down for how much money he had to open and the size salon he had. it clicked as I sat in on one of his demonstrations and I thought this dream could actually happen.

If you could give advice to a woman who is thinking of starting a business, what would it be?

Best piece of advice is form your circle of strength before opening &network to see who you should be using for professional services i.e accountants, legal services etc. pick the brains of successful people around you, thats free advice ! use local free business services. Have a concrete road map; you could always edit along the way. Being a business owner is a very bumpy road so having a strong direction helps us navigate.

What makes you feel most fabulous with being an entrepreneur?

This question would have been answered very differently years prior but now its seeing how my dream could give someone a career. Its truly empowering to know your success could be the doorway for someone's employment path. especially for another woman ! amen

Thank you, Michele, for proving that there is no limit to our dreams. If we as women can achieve starting our own businesses, we can achieve starting two! You are an inspiration to women everywhere. We know nothing but FABULOUS things are to come, and we can’t wait to see all the future holds for you!

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