Small Business Of The Month: The Charmer Boutique! Ft. Founder, Nicole Taylor

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April 2021

Small Business of the Month!

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Nicole Taylor, Founder of The Charmer Boutique!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Nicole Taylor, I am a wife, mother of three, Registered Nurse, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and own a small business called The Charmer Boutique. I have been an RN since 2007 and have always been intrigued by holistic medicine and healing. For the longest time, I have wanted to start my own business and somehow incorporate this form of healing into it.

What business did you start?

In 2020, COVID-19 hit and the entire world was put on pause. I decided to use my time at home wisely and began taking an online Reiki course. I grew up surrounded by crystals, plants, and Reiki (my aunt being a Reiki Master), and it was always something I was fascinated with. Being at home allowed me to explore alternative aspects of healing that I normally would not have had the chance to do. It allowed me to dive deeper into understanding crystal healing, and reiki, which in turn has allowed me to find a way to offer another healing outlet for myself and to others.

In the fall of 2020, I received my Reiki certificate, and in October I began using my time to create truly unique air plant, sun catchers. Eventually, I began to incorporate agate crystals into my work and infusing Reiki energy into each piece. For anyone who may not know, Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. A Reiki practitioner uses a technique with their hands to transfer “universal energy” to their patient. The intention is to encourage emotional and physical healing. A Reiki practitioner can also use this technique on physical items to help raise their positive energy vibrations. So, while crafting my sun catchers, it only made sense to infuse this Reiki energy into each one.

Thinking of this craft as just a fun hobby, I started posting the items for sale on Facebook and Instagram. I figured I would sell a few and it would be fun and exciting. As more and more people became interested in my work, it only made sense that the next platform would be to sell on Etsy. I never expected my hobby to turn into a small business. I now have over 400 sales on Etsy, and counting!

I run the business out of my home in Putnam County, however, as it grows, I have begun to contemplate opening a brick-and-mortar store for my items. We will see where time takes me, and I embrace all of the changes to my life this small business has provided me with. It is more than just a job to me, it is my passion! I create each piece with love, and with the hope that it will bring smiles and good vibes to every one of my customers.

Shortly after starting the business, I was been approached by Area P Special Olympics based out of Pennsylvania, to work with them on fundraiser pieces. I was fortunate enough to create unique pieces for them to help raise money for their organization while promoting my products!

Many of my pieces currently incorporate agate crystals in them. I chose agate as I believe it was the perfect crystal to use in this day and age. The healing properties of agate are said to transform negativity into positivity, enhance mental function, and improve concentration. It can help to heal inner anger and anxiety and instill a sense of security and safety. It’s a great stone to work with because of its healing properties, especially during this time.

I incorporated air plants into my pieces as they also provide positive benefits. Like any plant, being around them can reduce stress, in turn helping you to be happier, calmer, and more relaxed. Air plants are incredibly easy to care for, only requiring watering once a week. They were the perfect plant to display in the chambers.

I am proud to say my small business has not only shipped locally but to almost every state in the United States as well as internationally to such places as Australia, Canada, Germany, and the UK!

If you could give advice to a woman who is thinking of starting a business, what would it be?

If I could offer advice to another woman thinking about starting a business, it would be to just jump in and do it. Reach for the stars, and follow your heart. If you’re working on something that truly has meaning to you, something that you are truly passionate about, and good at, you have nothing to lose. Set goals for yourself, hit them, and reach higher. I also believe great customer service is imperative!

What makes you feel most fabulous with being an entrepreneur?

What makes me feel most fabulous with being an entrepreneur? Doing something I love! Something I am passionate about, and something that incorporates little aspects of my life all into my craft. I love that I can work from home, be surrounded by my husband and children, all while I make a living. It’s incredible being my own boss!

Thank you, Nicole, for showing us that we as Fabulous Working Females can turn our passions into business opportunities. Your determination, creativity, and talent is inspiring. Your boutique is FABULOUS, and we can’t wait to see all the future holds for you!

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*use the code FABULOUSFEMALES for the month of April and receive 10% off the purchase price of your item!*