One Fabulous Year, Thank You

Hi FWF’s! Today, I had to come on and share something very special. It has been ONE YEAR since Fabulous Working Females was born! And WOW, what a year it has been. 35 Spotlight Features, 7 Women Owned Small Businesses, 26 Giveaways, 17 Blog Posts. Those may look like just numbers. But let me tell you what that really means:

35 strong, intelligent, powerful women have shared their stories. 35 women highlighted and recognized, 35 feelings of well-deserved sense of importance.

7 businesses owned by women have been promoted through our page, not only with hopes to drive more revenue for them-but to inspire our female audience that we as women can do anything.

26 gifts provided to our followers, allowing us to reward women in a small way for the impact they make on a daily basis.

17 opportunities to share my personal insight and advice with hopes to help/motivate other women in their career.


Now, let me get a little personal. Creating and building this page has done more for me than you know. Sure, I’ve built my professional career and have worked hard in the corporate world. Sure, I feel accomplished in my “9-5”. But, there is so much more to life than succeeding in your career...and I forgot that for a while.

In my spare time I was by myself just scrolling on social media for hours. It was so toxic, and I was constantly consuming negativity, bullying, and comparing myself to others.

I was so lonely. I craved love. In such a dark time in the world, and in a dark place, I needed to do something. I just wanted to do my part in making a difference.

So, I took my expertise as a career woman, that craving for love and unity, and built this brand. A brand that is based around spreading light, positivity, and building community. Helping make other women feel important, motivated, and appreciated.

Together, Fabulous Working Females has helped bring joy and gratitude to others. Our Teacher Tuesdays segment provided the opportunity for others to support multiple teachers back to school amazon wish lists. I see the comments from friends and family from a shared spotlight feature on Facebook, the kindness and love others express within those comments sometimes makes me tear up. I’ve received messages such as “I love your page, you inspired me to make a lateral move in my career”. I can’t even begin to tell you all how moved I am to see such genuine interaction through social media like that. It means the world to me.

Sharing your stories, giving and receiving support, and making a small difference has given me so much love, as well as brought me such a strong sense of community. I am proud for many reasons, but most of all for the power this page holds. The power of a woman. The power of many women. What is more fabulous than that?

So, thank you, FWF’s for all you have given to not only me, but this community. One year down, and there is much more to come. Stay tuned, stay kind, and most of all…


Kerry Adams