"My Voice, Our Equal Future": International Day of the Girl Child

Hi Fabulous Working Females! Today, we want to talk about a VERY special holiday that relates to this community-International Day of the Girl Child. Yesterday, October 11th was International Day of the Girl Child, and that is something we should celebrate as Fabulous Working Females!

So, what exactly IS International Day of the Girl Child?

Declared by the United Nations, International Day of the Girl Child is an international day of observance for women everywhere. This holiday calls for the demand by women everywhere for a life that is free of a gender based society. This includes but is not limited to equality in jobs, healthcare, and shines recognition on the demand for equal health care, skill set, pay, and recognition on women as leaders in our society. The International Day of the Girl Child originated from the policy that calls for gender-equality, the Beijing Declaration and Platform Protection.

“My Voice, Our Equal Future”

Each year on October 11th, we come together as a community to observe this day, and all that it means to us as women. This year, the theme was “My Voice, Our Equal Future”. See below on ways you can get involved!

Recognize Inspirational Women!

· Share stories on girls or women that you have encountered that have inspired you, how they have made a difference as a leader, and/or how they have made an impact on your world/the world around you using the hashtag(s) #DayOfTheGirl #SeeHer #GenerationEquality

She’s the First

· As described in their mission statement “A World Where Every Girl Chooses Her Own Future”, She’s the First is a nonprofit organization with their initiative on supporting gender-equality in education for girls. To learn more, visit https://shesthefirst.org/donate, and share with others using the hashtag #GirlsCantWait,

Educate Yourself!

· Visit https://www.unwomen.org/en/news/in-focus/girl-child to educate yourself on the International Day of the Girl Child, and learn other ways how you can get involved.

We as women are just as powerful as any man, and deserve the education, health benefits, respect, and recognition as leaders. Let’s use our voices today, and every day, to support, educate, and demand a gender-free based society. Us females are STRONG, we are FEARLESS, and we are FABULOUS!


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And Remember…

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