Let's Talk About Resumes

Hi Fabulous Working Females! This week I will be talking about resumes. Why are resumes so important? Well, think about it. The employer that you are applying to could be receiving dozens, maybe even hundreds, of resumes for a position. Your resume is your real first impression on whether or not they want to bring you in for an interview. Don’t be shy, now is your time to SHINE and put all of that fabulous-ness down on paper!

Make it simple, but significant

You want your resume to be clean, organized, easy to read, on one-page. Choosing a format first will help you envision what your resume will look like. Do your research on resume guides, and find a template that is right for you!

Check out Resume-Now for beginner templates!


When organizing your resume, be sure to include the below sections on your resume:

· Name

· Contact

· E-mail:

· Phone:

· Education:

· Skills:

· Job Background:

To go even further, you can include:

· Awards:

· About Me Summary:

· Projects:

· Community Service:

· Certifications:

Action Words to include (at the beginning of each bullet)

When it comes to your resume, wording is everything! Grasp the employer’s attention with valuable, strong wording at the start of each bullet point, such as.

· Accomplished

· Administered

· Analyzed

· Delivered

· Designated

· Instructed

· Founded

· Generated

· Planned

· Maintained

· Managed

Words to avoid (plain verbs)

Think about the language your using. Try to avoid plain verbs, and try using action words like the ones written above. For example:

· Instead of “Took care of”, use action words like “Performed”, “Completed”, “Processed”

· Instead of “Set up”, use action words like “Initiated”, “Launched”, Spearheaded”

· Instead of “Gave”, use action words like “Provided”, “Supplied”, “Presented”

Utilize LinkedIn

Remember, we are living in a digital age. You should be utilizing your LinkedIn just as much as you are utilizing your Instagram or Facebook page. Be sure to upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile, and also include your skills listed on your resume on your LinkedIn profile as well. I will be posting a blog on LinkedIn in the future.


Now, I know you think you should keep your resume black and white, plain, and to the point. But, there are ways to make your resume stand out and represent who you are!

· Add a Headshot

Adding a headshot adds a professional aspect to your resume that other’s may not have. In addition, this will allow the employer to put a face to the name after having multiple interviews.

· Resume Paper

Go the extra mile, and print your resume on Resume Paper! Doing this will show the employer you are taking the job seriously, and that you went above and beyond for the task.

Check out Office Depot for Resume Paper!

That’s all for now, FWF’s. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, but wanted to lay out the basics first. Who knows, maybe there will be a premium resume mentoring service in the future ;) Remember, keep your resume simple, impressive, and professional. And remember…