If You're a FWF Reading This, Use LinkedIn (Pt. 2)

Hi Fabulous Working Females! Today, I will continue our conversation on the importance of utilizing LinkedIn in your career, as well as dive further into how to make your profile more, well…FABULOUS! Remember, the future is shifting digitally and LinkedIn is a great way to represent/build your professional presence in the age of social media!

After you add your headshot or professional profile photo, your cover photo, your job experience, and education, there are many sections of LinkedIn you can use to your advantage to take your profile to the next level.

“About” Section:

When you see the “About” section underneath your profile photo, you probably wonder “what about me should I include?” Let’s face it, “About” is such a broad term.

But, fabulous news! There is a strategy I follow when filling out this section:

Create a brand message for yourself in a short paragraph that shows off your strengths, experience, and what those qualities make you a great candidate/what you bring to the table. This is a great opportunity to make a statement as to why a company should hire you and get to know you. *Keep it short and sweet, my advice is no longer than a paragraph”

For example: start off with terms like…

I am a (characteristic) (professional expertise)

With being a (current role) managing (important job responsibilities), I provide (skillsets)

Featured Section:

Upload documents related to your career/individual projects here!


· Most up to date resume

· Recognitions

· Certifications

· Presentations

Licenses & Certifications:

Link any certifications or licenses you have received that are related to your professional career. If you don’t have any, try researching certifications that will be beneficial to your career! Obtaining certifications is a great way to enhance your resume in a BIG way, enhancing your credibility in addition to your job experience.

Try googling (your job responsibility) online certification courses for more information. If you work at a company that has tuition reimbursement programs and find a program that requires payment, you may be able to get funding from your company to take the certification course. There are tons of free ones, too.

Skills & Endorsements Section:


You are allowed to enter up to 50 skills on this section of your profile. I suggest using up all 50 slots. Search for skills related to your job responsibilities, characteristics, and systems you have worked in.


Take the time to endorse your colleagues or past co-workers for strengths on their profile. Not only does this help maintain positive relationships professionally and make others feel good in being recognized, you also may get an endorsement back. As we take the time to “like” selfies on Instagram, endorsements are a great way to communicate and highlight someone professionally.

Accomplishments Section:

Here is where you can show off courses, honors & awards, organizations, publications, patents, test scores, and languages. Don’t skip this if you have any of the above if you don’t think it isn’t relative to your career in current time.


· If you were captain of your sports team in college, post that here! Even if it isn’t professional, it shows a quality of leadership.

· If you have a college degree or other degree, post courses specific to that degree here to highlight your specific knowledge!

· If you are fluent in multiple languages, be sure to add this here!

LinkedIn Premium:

LinkedIn provides multiple paid monthly/annual subscriptions to boost your profile depending on what you are using the tool for. I suggest when or if you can, to utilize one of these subscription services if you are able to afford it. See below for plans and how they can be helpful to you.

Career: Good for if you are looking for a new job

· Allows your profile to stand out and gets you in touch with hiring managers. Job recruiters in addition to other benefits.

Business: Good for if you have your own business

· Allows you to connect with people relative to your profession, in addition to helping you promote your business.

Sales: Good for if you are in a position or own a company that provides selling goods and services

· Helps find leads that are within your target market and target audience, in addition to giving you insights.

Hiring; Good if you are in a recruiting position or own a business and are looking to hire employees.

· Helps connect you with best-fit candidates

That’s all for now, FWF’s. There are a few other sections you can add not included here, which can be found at the top of your page on the right that says “Add Profile Section”. I hope you find this information helpful, and continue to utilize LinkedIn to strengthen your professional network!