Dress How You Want To Be Addressed


Wow, how exciting-my first blog post! This week, I will be covering a topic that I believe is crucial when it comes to your career:

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Have you ever heard the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? It seems silly, but I live by this saying through and through. One of the most important things I’ve learned with working in an office environment is how you present yourself is JUST as important as performing your day to day job.

Now-in your normal day to day life, you could be the type of person who could care less about what people think about you based on your appearance. I sure am outside of work. The second I get home from work every day, I backflip out of my outfit and into a pair of sweatpants. I am the true depiction of when drake said “sweatpants, hair tied, chillen with no make-up on” when I get home from work.

*However, it’s absolutely not when I’m the prettiest-I hope that you don’t take that wrong. :)

I am all about embracing yourself and not caring what others think of you-I am a huge advocate for that. BUT-when it comes to your professional life, you should absolutely care what people think of you. Your reputation is very important in the workplace.

I say this all the time, and I will share it with you all. You could be the smartest person in the room, the most knowledgeable in your role, and more qualified than anyone else-but if you give off the wrong first impression, that can negatively affect you.

Picture this: you come in looking like you just rolled out of bed every day, and not many people know just how much potential you have simply because they haven’t gotten to know you yet. Then, you compete against someone for a role who comes into the office looking put together every day.

The impressions given here are:

· One comes in constantly unkempt.I don’t know her that well, but based on what I've seen she must be unorganized and messy, since she comes off unorganized and messy.”

· One comes in constantly put together. “I don’t know her well either, but based on what I've seen she must be organized and have her act together, since she comes off put together.”

That’s not how it should be, and I’m not saying that happens all the time-but, it can happen. Just something to keep in mind.



Not only does dressing for the part give off a positive representation of who you are professionally, it also makes you more confident in yourself. When you have confidence, you are more likely to go out of your way to have a conversation with someone and make connections. You are more likely to have that extra pep in your step and feel motivated in your day to day. When you feel good about yourself, there is nothing that can stand in your way.




Styling your hair for work can go a LONG way for your look. I’m not saying you need to go into work with a fresh blowout every single day, but we all know having a good hair day can set the tone of any outfit! Look, I dye my hair (shocking, I know, I’m not naturally bleach blonde). Therefore, I don’t wash my hair every day. This is typically what I do:

· First day of wash: Blow dry, wear straight.

· Second day: Pull back straight hair into a slicked back ponytail or bun

· Third day: Dry shampoo, curl with a wand and wear down (this is usually my best hair day)

Simple, takes 15 out of your morning, and goes a long way in your style.



I am absolutely not suggesting you to wear a full face of makeup to work every day, that is unnecessary. But, sometimes a little mascara and lip gloss never hurts!. I keep it minimal, some BB cream, blush, mascara, and a nude lip gloss. If i'm feeling crazy, i'll do some eyeshadow or a colored lip.

To each their own, I wear a little bit of makeup because I feel better about myself when I do. I want to note: there is NOTHING wrong with not wearing any makeup, in fact, it is empowering. We should all embrace our natural beauty! Whatever makes you feel most beautiful and confident, that's what I suggest.



Since I started in my career, I have always dressed up for work. Dressing up for work helps me play the part of what I aspire to be. Here are some of the things I like to wear to work.


I love wearing dresses to work, I do almost every day. Now, don’t think you have to wear a Calvin Klein fitted dress every single day-not by any means. But dresses are easy, comfortable, you look dressed up, and you can style them differently! Even in the winter, I love to wear dresses with black sheer or tan tights underneath.

Shop at H&M for affordable, comfortable work dresses!


Invest in a few pairs of work pants. Trousers, crop pants, stretchy pants, and skirts. You can dress them up with a top, sweater, and a blazer. You should invest in a few go-to bottoms that you can re-wear often and dress up differently.

Check out Express for a variety of pants, perfect for the office!


Tops are fun to shop for. There are so many different styles. I usually will wear your basic long sleeve flowy top, a sweater, and often times a blazer. I shop for tops that are acceptable for work, that I can also wear outside of work!

Ann Taylor Loft has great Work Perfect Blouses!


Accessories are a fun way to dress up your outfits, and make you look more dressed up. If you only own a few items to wear to work, accessories are a great way to differentiate your outfits. Dress up your go-to black dress with different statement necklaces, earrings, headbands, and belts! If you’re wearing your hair up-put on a pair of statement earrings to dress up your outfit. I am BIG on accessories!

Charming Charlie is one of my favorites for Accessories!


I have a select few pairs I alternate. Invest in a comfortable pair of booties that match everything. If you like heels, invest in a comfortable pair of black or nude heels you can wear daily. If you like flats, same thing.

Check out Aldo, one of my favorite shoe stores!


Don'ts (in my opinion):

Cotton Leggings.

To me, it is not appropriate to show up in a professional work environment in cotton leggings. When I say this-I mean your basic, cotton lounge leggings or workout pants. I guess this depends on where you work-but even so, I just try to avoid it.

Now-there are “legging” made feel work pants that are totally acceptable!

Check out these Work Leggings at Macy's!

Flip Flops.

Again, this could depend on where you work-but to me I personally avoid wearing flip flops in the office environment. Fashion sandals, yes. But, in my opinion, your rubber flip-flops you should leave at home

Ripped Jeans.

Now, I know a lot of office environments are casual. I myself often where jeans (mostly dark wash). One thing I highly suggest is to not wear ripped jeans in an office environment-but again, this can depend on where you work.

Look, I know clothes are expensive-and it’s hard to have your dream wardrobe on a budget! I suggest investing in a few staple pieces-and switch up your looks from there! There are tons of ways you can re-wear the same clothes and dress them up differently.

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That’s all for now folks. I hope this blog post was helpful and insightful. Stay true to yourself and your fashion sense, keep it professional, and most importantly…