8/5 Spotlight Feature: Meghan Hubert

Fabulous Working Females

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Introducing, Meghan Hubert!

Director of Marketing for Brand Innovators and Co-Founder of the virtual workout series Before Mimosas, Meg Hubert is a true powerhouse. Not only is she a fabulous working female in all aspects, she is also inspirational and beautiful both inside and out.

Tell us about yourself!

While New York City has been home for me for nearly 6 years, I am a proud New Jerseyan first and foremost. I currently reside in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my girlfriend (who definitely nominated me for this...which makes me love her even more.) My post-grad career path thus far has been a wild, challenging and fulfilling ride, full of growth and really remarkable opportunities. My first ‘job’ out of college, I was a live-in assistant to Real Housewife of New York City’s Sonja Morgan. Yes, for those Bravo fans, I lived in Sonja’s townhouse. Fast forward, and eventually, I ended up at Brand Innovators - the largest community of brand marketers in the country, which has evolved into my dream job over the past 4+ years. I’ve traveled far and wide with my company -- from France, to Super Bowl Week, to San Francisco, to Arkansas and Austin -- producing upwards of 100 physical events per year. Amidst the pandemic, I proudly worked with our senior leadership team to transform and pivot, transitioning to a virtual format overnight. During the quarantine, my girlfriend and I launched our own virtual workout series, ‘Before Mimosas’ that iterated from a temporary fix, to a loyal, engaged and empowering community of fitness heroes that inspire me daily. Most proudly and career aside, I am an out lesbian. My queer identity and my pride is something directly intertwined with my growth and success, both personally and professionally. The more that I’ve let my Pride shine, the more that I shine.

What are your Aspirations?

Ever since I graduated from Franklin & Marshall college, my professor has invited me to guest lecture at her senior Sociology seminar. It’s one of my favorite traditions, and is tied to one of my favorite passions -- investing in communities, providing mentorship and simultaneously seeking out mentorship in return. One of my ambitions is to seek out these types of opportunities more regularly. I constantly daydream about being a college professor one day. Maybe that is the ultimate ambition here :)

One of my guiding principles is always seeking out discomfort for optimal growth. It sounds counterintuitive but discomfort and growth go hand-in-hand in my book. Whenever I get too comfortable at work, it leads to complacency and stagnancy. I always search for growth opportunities whether that’s taking on a project that I feel ‘underqualified’ for or taking a risk and being open to learning through failure. This ambition to seek out discomfort is something weaved into my DNA, and will always be my North Star.

Can you describe what makes you feel FABULOUS while working?

I genuinely believe there’s nothing more powerful than the tribe you surround yourself with. Between my colleagues, friends, family members, mentors, mentees and partner, I have a fierce, fabulous and inspirational tribe that makes me feel supported, loved and empowered, 365 days a year. Powerful women lift powerful women, and I’m most grateful for all of the vibrant, empowering women in my life.

Thank you, Meg, for being a voice and inspiration to so many women. With your intelligence, strong-will, and confidence -you have proven that we as women can be both beautiful and powerful. We know the future will be nothing but bright and fabulous for you, and we look forward to following along!

To learn more about Meg, follow her on Instagram and check out her websites below!

IG: @MegagaHubert

Zoom HIIT: @BeforeMimosas

HIIT Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beforemimosas/