8/12 Spotlight Feature: Stephanie Cinque

Fabulous Working Females

Weekly Spotlight Feature

Introducing, Stephanie Cinque!

Content Marketing Manager for Allison+Partners and Professional Makeup Artist, Stephanie Cinque is an inspiration to women as an expert in the professional world, while also following her true passions. A fabulous working female in every way, Stephanie works hard to ensure others can feel their most beautiful (and fabulous) both on the inside and out.

Tell us about yourself!

"Who you are?" is always an interesting question for me, I feel like I am 900 things but I am not comfortable talking about me. Aside from being in competition with myself to become the world's greatest dog mom with also being a self-proclaimed Orangetheory Fitness ambassador, I am a Content Marketing Manager and I am a Professional Makeup Artist.

My career background is really sporadic (lol), I went to Johnson & Wales University for Event and Entertainment Management. My vision was to work at Z100 or 92.3 in New York City (yes, when I was in college radio was still the coolest thing ever. But, depending on what generation you ask it still is for the morning commuters in New York) or simply, to be an event planner. I graduated, worked lower than "entry-level" in each industry, and realized it wasn't my thing. Gosh, forbid at 22-years old I had to work a weekend. *smh at my younger self*

I entered my career in Human Resources when Sabra Dipping Company (yep, the hummus) gave me my first chance at working full-time, with no experience, as a Human Resources Coordinator. To date, my experience there is a highlight and I will never forget it. I am very thankful.

I still enjoy it, so much so that since COVID-19 hit and many, unfortunately, lost their jobs, I stepped up as a mentor for women who are recent graduates and entry-level professionals, passionate about beauty, marketing, skincare, and communications. I offer services for resume development, job searching tips, interview prep, and LinkedIn best practices.

Skip a few years, a few jobs I was very unhappy in, a few I was very happy in, I am now a Content Marketing Manager at Allison+Partners. Five years into my career with no experience working at an agency I decided - I am going to work at an agency! It is a role that continuously challenges me, teaches me, and motivates me. All things online community management and social media best practices -- I am your girl.

Closest to my heart, though, I am a Professional Makeup Artist. This is my one all be all dream in life. I am forever thankful for the job I hated 3 years ago because it took one long day sitting at my dark desk, copy and pasting things in excel for 8 hours, to push me to finally chase my dreams and go back to school - for makeup! I am professionally certified in makeup artistry and the bridal business. I have been obsessed with makeup since middle school when I was bullied every day for having a big nose and acne. There was a song about it, it was tragic. Older me laughs, younger me most definitely did not. Because of that, my mom took me to buy my first little handful of goodies from MAC Cosmetics, and it was all uphill from there. I just couldn't believe there was something out there that we could paint on our face to hide insecurities or enhance what we love. Makeup has brought so much joy to my life, from feeling more comfortable throughout my youth, to all the good times with my family and friends getting ready in bathrooms together before an event or night out. I laugh at it now, like whatever, can you blend 9 shades of eyeshadow on your eyelid? No. Also, my skin is now flawless without a filter so -- the joke is on everyone else.

Okay - back to the professional stuff (lol). I also run a premier bridal business dedicated to customer experience and pure wedding beauty bliss. I absolutely love it. I primarily work weddings, special events and photoshoots. This is what makes me happy. There is nothing like bringing beauty and confidence to the day of someone else. That feeling when I am with my makeup kit, dressed in all black, hair, and makeup done, blasting Kygo or Calvin Harris to go work a