6/2 Spotlight Feature: Stephanie Macri

Fabulous Working Females

Spotlight Feature

Introducing, Stephanie Macri!

Stephanie Macri is a woman with drive and persistence. With always having a passion in fashion and beauty, Stephanie landed a job she loves at famous skin care company, Mario Badescu.

A Fabulous Working Female in every way, Stephanie shows us that we can do what we love, for a company we love, all while making others feel beautiful.


Tell us about yourself!

There is always something so difficult about being asked to describe yourself, but in as few words as possible I suppose I could quote the ever-intellectual Cardi B and let you know I’m just a regular-shmegular girl, born and raised in New York, just trying to uplevel and evolve to my best potential self each day while squeezing in a couple brunches and a couple of naps here and there and pet every dog I see along the way. I was never fortunate enough to be one of those people who figures out what they want to do early on in life. My range or career choices starting from a young age were everything from professional chef to wedding dress designer to author to occupational therapist, and probably more from there. I went to a state college here in New York and it still hadn’t hit me, so I occupied my time joining a sorority instead of focusing on starting a career, and chose a major in communications and psychology because they were versatile enough to apply to anything I decided to do later on. After graduation I decided to try getting an administrative job at something I might enjoy - like a fashion or beauty company. I applied for months to everything there was to offer on indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc. I quickly realized they all want someone who has already been doing this in this industry for years, and it felt very demeaning to wonder where do these people start out if nobody wants to hire the beginner?! Eventually I got a job through a sorority sister at a telecommunications company and was happy for a while because I got to work with a friend and I was making a hefty salary for a 23 year old at their first “real world” job, but after long I realized that even the money couldn’t keep me happy when I truly didn’t like what I was doing or the industry I was in. The covid-19 pandemic gave me lots of time at home and a bit of a shopping problem, so I found myself delving into lots of skin care products and using the quarantine to try and give myself such great skin that that post-quarantine I wouldn't need makeup every day anymore, and I would up learning a LOT about it, including that I loved skin care! I became somewhat of a connoisseur helping my own friends get great products for their concerns after I ran out of room in my medicine cabinet and I needed to stop buying skin care products for myself. After 3 years in the workforce, I hoped that I had gotten enough customer-facing and Microsoft Excel experience that maybe now a beauty company would take a look at me.

Another few months of constant applications, resume tweaks, and what seemed like a million cover letters, I finally decided to take a seminar for girls trying to break into the fashion and beauty industry. Using one of their resume templates turned the heads of a wonderful group of women working at Mario Badescu Skin Care, who were in dire need of an account manager. This was a brand I had grown up with since high school, using their Drying Lotion to spot treat throughout my teenage years and their Facial Spray with Rosewater as a setting spray once I learned how to do makeup in college. I was practically fan-girling at even the chance to get an interview with them.

Despite my lack of skin care/beauty industry credentials, they took a chance on me after meeting with me a couple of times and seeing the joy that simply talking about skincare brings to my face. They said they realized how much growth potential I have here and both of those women are now my immediate bosses. There’s not a day I walk into work and don’t have at least one moment of disbelief and gratitude that I actually work here.

Day to day I manage the accounts for Macy’s, Nordstrom, Blue Mercury, Bloomingdale’s, Saks 5th Avenue, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. I have a hands on role in making sure all of those stores have enough of each product, which products they sell, how they are arranged in the stores, and even the little gift-with-purchase bags that are sometimes offered with a Mario Badescu purchase. I have helped link the company up with some of my personal friends who are Instagram influencers for PR purposes and I have recently been selected to be part of the team that will brainstorm and select all of our new products to launch in 2023 and I could not be more excited about helping expand this brand and have a direct role in its growth! There was no true clear-cut path to my career, but each and every choice I have made in my life has gotten me here, which I know whole heartedly is the first stepping stone to a lifelong career in this industry that I am truly passionate about.

What are your Aspirations?

I would love to continue learning the ins and outs of this industry and skin care in general and eventually get out of the cosmetic world of skin care and into the medical grade skin care company’s that are sold in med spas and dermatologists’ offices. Helping people achieve their best skin really brings me joy because I know how awful it feels to have to put makeup on in order to feel confident in your skin, but also how liberating it feels to achieve your skin goals to the point where you are going out makeup-free. I would love to end up creating a line of products of my own one day using all clean, medically approved ingredients that are affordable and effective, and are meant to be used throughout all stages of life starting in your teens to help prevent signs of aging and acne long-term so that everyone can look like a supermodel without needing expensive treatments. But maybe I’ll open a med spa and offer the expensive treatments, too!

Can you describe what makes you feel FABULOUS while working?

I love that I have such a hand helping to grow this brand right now in so many ways. Not only from a brand perspective but I also love knowing that each day I make decisions and contributions that I hope directly affect someone’s decision to purchase a Mario Badescu product that may change their skin for the better going forward. Helping people to find what helps them achieve their best skin is truly something I find so much joy in, because I know how much joy it brings to others when they just feel their best!

Thank you, Stephanie, for showing us that if we take a chance on ourselves and follow what we are truly passionate about, we are fully capable of landing our dream job. We know the future will be nothing but bright and fabulous for you, and we look forward to following along!


Be sure to follow Stephanie on Instagram, and connect with her on LinkedIn!

Instagram: @smaacri

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/stephanie-macri-1533b29a

"I’d love to connect with anyone who has related to any aspect of my story, whether you feel lost on your path or are trying to break into a difficult industry, or even if you just want some skin care recommendations I am beyond happy to help! I can be found professionally at http://linkedin.com/in/stephanie-macri-1533b29a and on Instagram at @smaacri (linked above) and I encourage you all to believe whole heartedly that you can find the career you love if you never settle and never stop trying! It’s never too late to decide who and what you want to be in this crazy world because it changes every day and so do we (but at least with the right routine your skin doesn’t have to!! ;)" - Stephanie Macri