6/16 Spotlight Feature: Nicole Goloff

Fabulous Working Females

Spotlight Feature

Introducing, Nicole Goloff!

Nicole Goloff is a Project Environmental Scientist at Galli Engineering, P.C. Changing the status quo, Nicole has a true passion in taking her dreams of creating a better environment and is translating that passion into her career where she utilizes her skill set in creating a more sustainable planet.

A Fabulous Working Female in every way, Nicole shows us that we can dominate in a "mans world", and look FABULOUS while doing it!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Nicole Goloff and I am 27 years old. I have been working in the environmental field since 2016. I have always been interested and inspired by environmental science for as long as I can remember. I appreciate the beauty of the natural environment and have always wanted to be surrounded by it. I spend most of my summer and fall weekends at the beach or hiking and camping in upstate New York. I have implemented my interest in the outdoors into my career by helping to preserve it for future generations by assisting companies to work in a more sustainable way by protecting and monitoring the environment. I graduated with a B.S. degree in Biology and Anthropology and a Minor in Environmental Science in 2016.

Right after college, I worked a one-year internship with the Student Conservation Association (SCA) at Fire Island National Seashore as a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador, helping to spread information about national parks and assist guests/volunteers with their park experience. I lead volunteer events and guided tours. Directly after my internship I began working as an Environmental Scientist where I have learned many different skills over the years. I am currently a Project Environmental Scientist at Galli Engineering, P.C. on Long Island. Prior to working at Galli, I worked at two environmental consulting companies on Long Island. An awesome part of my current position is that I have the ability to learn Environmental Engineering and governmental permitting as I work closely with engineers on various different projects.

The main goal of an Environmental Engineering or Consulting company is to protect New York’s natural resources with better construction site management. I have various certifications necessary to work on-site during construction activities. My daily responsibilities range from assisting with solid waste management permitting for various clients with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, monitoring industrial sites that maintain State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits, on-site soil, air, and ground water well sampling, observing underground tank removals and sampling the surrounding soil for potential contamination, underground utility mark outs, observation of temporary ground water well installations with a Geoprobe drilling rig, Phase I and II investigations and report writing, researching the historical background and geology of a property, sediment and erosion control inspections and whatever else comes up.

The field work that I get to do for work is fun and exciting. Some of the most exciting experiences I have had have been observing the removal of 10,000-gallon underground tanks of gasoline from gas station properties, seeing a multi-million-dollar 6-story beach-front apartment building get constructed from start to finish, and performing Phase I Site assessments on 100+ homes and buildings throughout Long Island and the surrounding five boroughs of New York; Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

What are your Aspirations?

My aspirations are to continue to learn, excel and advance in my career field. In the up-coming years I may want to get a master’s degree in a mo