5/5/21 Spotlight Feature: Hayley Gershon

Fabulous Working Females

Spotlight Feature

Introducing, Hayley Gershon!

Hayley Gershon is a 27 year-old television expert living in Manhattan. Currently, Hayley works as a Segment Coordinator for the Rachael Ray Show...How fabulous is that?!

A Fabulous Working Female in every way, Hayley shows us in her interview below that when you have a passion for something, you can turn that dream into reality if you work hard and believe in yourself.

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I'm Hayley! I'm 27 years old from northern New Jersey and currently live in Manhattan. I'm a first generation American with both my parents being from London and moved to America after they got married. I've known I wanted to work in television since I was 12 years old. In 2007 I discovered E News, Chelsea Lately and The Soup and obsessively watched every day. through those shows I found my love for pop culture, talk shows and entertainment news. In high school I ran the school's TV station (I was legit the only kid in the school that actually cared about it.) I chose to go to Boston University because of their Communications school and Film and Television major. I was very involved with BU's TV station. I helped launch the school's first live news show, Good Morning BU, and was a Producer and Director for it for 2 years. My passion has always been in TV, but more specifically live TV and talk shows. I feel so at home and energized in a TV studio and control room. My first job out of college was working as a CBS Page. In the CBS Page program I rotated between working with CBS Weekend News, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and Harry. As a Page for the most part we were doing the mindless work, but for me I didn't care. I just loved being in those TV studios and witnessing all the work going on around me. I knew it was where I was meant to be. After the Page program I did freelance Production Assistant work for a few months and then ended up full time as an Office Production Assistant at an unscripted production company working on reality shows. I loved the people I worked with and learned a lot by getting to assist with different departments, but I wasn't happy. Through a connection in the CBS Page program I heard about an opening at the Rachael Ray Show. I was so excited to apply and interview, because the opportunity to be working for a talk show about entertainment and food sounded like a DREAM. My close friend from the Page program also interviewed and she ended up getting the job. I was heartbroken, but so excited and happy for her. I truly want my friends to succeed as much as I want for myself to. The more we lift each other up, the more we can all help each other to go far in life. A week later I got a call asking me to come interview for a different position that had just opened up. Since they already knew me from the first interview, I was their first choice for the new position and I got it! Not only did I get a dream job, but I got to start the same time as my good friend! For 2 years I worked as the Researcher at the Rachael Ray Show. As the Researcher it was my job to go over all the segments before taping and watch back the final show and make sure everything is correct. This past December I moved over to being a Segment Coordinator. As a Segment Coordinator I work with a producing team to coordinate show segments. I get to pitch my own ideas, work with talent, produce viewer videos and more to make our segments all come together for the show.

What are your Aspirations?

I want to work towards being the showrunner of a talk show. The industry is quickly changing so I'm not sure in which form that would be.

Can you describe what makes you feel FABULOUS while working?

I feel most fabulous when my pitches get chosen and I get to see my ideas and hard work on national television and see how that makes a difference in people's lives. In this job I'm so fortunate to be able to help people by highlighting their stories and showing off people who are doing what they know and love. Most recently one of my pitches aired where we shared the story of a teacher who started a food pantry in her school because most of her students were food insecure. My team secured a $10,000 donation for her local food bank to help feed the students. For another segment, I found a woman who has been passionate about working from home since before the pandemic. In this segment she got to show off what she loves and her tips to help others.

Thank you, Hayley, for proving to us as women that persistence and determination can land you your dream job. We know the future will be nothing but bright and fabulous for you, and we look forward to following along!

Be sure to add Hayley on LinkedIn, as well as follow her on Instagram! Fun fact, Hayley made an Instagram page @hayleymakescocktails (linked below) that was inspired by Rachael Ray, as her husband was making a lot of cocktails on the show during quarantine and Hayley enjoyed trying out his recipes.

Instagram: @hayleygershon & @hayleymakescocktails

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hayleygershon/