2/3/21 Spotlight Feature: Monica O'Connor

Introducing, Monica O'Connor!

Looking to plan a FABULOUS event or wedding in NYC, the Hamptons, & Beyond? Monica O’Connor, owner of Arch Events is your girl. After being furloughed from her wedding planning job, Monica followed her passion and opened her own business with her co-worker, Arch Events.

A Fabulous Working Female in every way, Monica shows us that we as women have the potential to do anything we put our minds to if we believe in ourselves.

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! I’m Monica, 28, currently living in Astoria, Queens. I graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2014 with a dual major in English & Communication Studies. I was a radio DJ in the Hamptons for 5 years when an opportunity to join a high end wedding planning team in East Hampton presented itself to me. I have always been interested in hospitality and events--I love to host and take care of people, making sure everyone is fed and has the beverage of choice in hand at gatherings--but I never thought wedding planning was in the cards. I fell in love with it immediately, and I was exposed to this world of luxury right in my own backyard. I always knew I wanted to live in NYC, so I made the jump to a catering company in Brooklyn in early 2019. When the pandemic hit, I was furloughed from that job, like so many other people in the events industry. That's when my coworker and I put our heads together and decided to open Arch Events. We had always joked about going into business together, but it felt like a faraway satellite dream. 2020 pushed us to make that dream a reality, and now we are planning weddings and events in NYC and the Hamptons. Weddings look different, what with the pandemic, but it is still what we love to do and we are so grateful for the opportunities to work with couples to make their big day amazing.

Our mission is to make sure that the process is fun and moreover, relatable. Weddings are a luxury industry, but it doesn't have to feel unattainable or unrealistic for everyday couples who want to be taken care of. That's where Arch Events excels--we bring a luxury experience to all our clients through a laid back and relatable planning process.

What are your Aspirations?

I have so many aspirations it's hard to keep count. Small scale, I really look hope to maintain a healthy work/life balance. I LOVE my job, but the personal needs to take precedent as well! On a large scale, I aspire to build Arch Events into a company that one day operates independently of either me or Allyson. To have a team of trusted individuals that can take on the event planning world by storm with our guidance--that's the dream. Of course, going international would be amazing as well, and I would love to book some destination weddings when travel opens up again and things are safe for everyone. I aspire to make every client feel like they are getting our undivided attention and care while planning their wedding. Making the big events feel small and intimate is always the goal!

Can you describe what makes you feel FABULOUS while working?

Nothing makes me feel more fabulous when working than when our clients tell us that we have made their lives easier in some way. Sure, this may have to do with their wedding, but often times it's a personal question or issue about how to navigate the interpersonal relationships. Weddings sort of trigger everyone--family, friends, etc.--and sometimes that pressure mounts! If our clients feel close enough to me to trust me with personal advice AND professional, then I know I have succeeded in some small, connective way.

Thank you Monica, for inspiring women of all ages to pursue their passions. With your resilience, devotion, and persistence, you have shown us that we can take our obstacles and turn them into opportunity. It is women like you who showcase what it means to be a Fabulous Working Female. We know the future will be nothing but bright and successful for you, and we look forward to following along!

To learn more about Monica and Arch Events, follow along on Instagram & check out her website!

Instagram: @archeventsnyc

Website: www.archeventsnyc.com