11/11 Spotlight Feature: Lauren LaFemina

Fabulous Working Females

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Introducing, Lauren LaFemina!

Lauren LaFemina is the definition of a woman who can do it ALL. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Oneonta, to then go on to receive her Master’s Degree in Higher Education at The College of Saint Rose, Lauren is now the Assistant Director of Career Services for the Master of Accounting Program at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. Think that’s impressive? Lauren not only is a leader in her career, but also has just taken on another full time job… as a mother to her four month old son!

A Fabulous Working Female in every way, Lauren shows us that we as women are unstoppable. We can be successful career woman while also being a mother. Lauren is so passionate about spreading this message, she just started her own page @millennialmomproject!

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! My name is Lauren LaFemina and I'm originally from Westchester, New York. Professionally, I work as the Assistant Director of Career Services for the Master of Accounting Program at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Personally, I am a wife and new mom, navigating the work-from-home life with my 4 month old son, Landon :)

As a first generation college student, I went away to SUNY Oneonta in 2010 having absolutely NO IDEA what I wanted to do with my life. Throughout my time in undergrad I was really involved and campus, and realized that I could make a living out of working with college students, which was the first thing that really excited me when it came to choosing a career path. After graduating, I spent a year as an Admissions Counselor to gain some more work experience, and then went back to school to pursue my master’s degree in Higher Education at The College of Saint Rose. During my master’s program, I worked as a Career Counselor in our Career Development Center and absolutely fell in love with helping students explore different career paths and develop themselves professionally. I found that I was really able to connect with so many students because I had once been in their shoes, and could empathize with a lot of the emotions that come along with starting your career.

I love my job because on any given day I can be directly coaching students to reach their career goals, helping some of the biggest employers in the accounting & finance world refine their recruiting strategy, or ideating and creating new opportunities for students and employers to connect. I've found that working with students and employers provides me with the unique opportunity to combine my interests of both business and education.

What are your Aspirations?

My biggest aspiration is to always work in a role where I'm helping others. Nothing makes me happier than impacting someone in a positive way. I'm also a firm believer in lifelong learning. I absolutely love what I do, but five years down the road, there could be a new thing I love and I'm open to that! I hope to continue exploring new passions and promoting others to do the same.

On a more immediate scale, my new role as a mom has given me a whole new perspective on where my personal and professional life intersect. I recently created The Millennial Mom Project (@millennialmomproject on Instagram), to provide a space where women can openly discuss the highs and lows of all things motherhood - whether you're already a mom, or you're considering whether or not you see that as part of your future. I would really love to see that account grow. It's been amazing to see women open up about such a deeply personal topic and if continuing that conversation is able to help even one person, I will consider it a success!

Can you describe what makes you feel FABULOUS while working?

I feel most fabulous when helping instill confidence in others. Some of my students have never worked before, let alone tried to find a job, so I get to coach them through all parts of their job search - professional communication, networking, negotiating, and evaluating offers. To see how far they come during our time together is incredible. I am forever grateful to be just a small part of their success!

Thank you, Lauren, for being an inspiration and role model to women everywhere. You have proven that we can do anything and everything. And although sometimes not easy, you have shown us it is always worth it and possible at the end of the day.

We know the future will be nothing but bright and successful for you, and we look forward to following along!

To learn more about Lauren, follow her on Instagram and add her on LinkedIn!

Instagram: @lauren_lafemina x @millennialmomproject

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-lafemina