10/14 Spotlight Feature: Sofia Cuccia

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Introducing, Sofia Cuccia!

Can you say, ambitious woman with a future? 21 Year Old Sofia Cuccia is a fourth year Concordia University Communications Major, who has started a successful Jewelry company @sccollection_ on Instagram. With her brand messaging “an ever changing jewelry collection”, Sofia’s Sccollection is unique in the sense she prides the brand on staying up to date on trends, in addition to knowing exactly what young women her age are looking for when it comes to jewelry. A Fabulous Working Female in every way, Sofia teaches us you are never too young to pursue your dreams, and can start your own business while earning a degree.

Tell us about yourself!

Hello! I am Sofia Cuccia, a 21 year old fourth year communications student at Concordia University in Montreal. While communications studies is usually thought to be about the actual act of speaking, at my school, it is more of a hands on degree. Our classes center around media, specifically, sound, video and graphic design. These production classes mixed in with a lot of electives and communication theory courses allow me to incorporate my passion for creating in all aspects of my studies. Outside of university, my time is spent developing my jewelry company, @sccollection_ on Instagram. I can definitely say that this little company I started in my sophomore year of high school has done nothing but evolve over time. Sccollection has allowed me to pour all of my creative energy into not only my jewelry designs, but also the photos I take for my Instagram, the staging behind them and the videos made to illustrate the lives of my pieces. Along the way, I have learned so much about marketing strategies, customer service as well as what it means to invest in my own company. My jewelry has made its way into a few storefronts and pop-ups, each one's success amazing me more than the last.

What are your Aspirations?

As a creative, my aspirations are endless. As I reach the end of my college degree, this question is something that seems to never escape my mind. While my jewelry business is seeing the most success it has since I started, I still question what the right career path is for me. It seems the end of my college degree marks my entrance into the professional world, however, I feel as though I have been in that world for quite some time already. I have been working in numerous fields since I was 14 years old. From hair/makeup to retail, dog sitting, video editing, social media, waitressing, interning in New York City's garment district and now jewelry making, I have always kept myself busy. I have lived by a quote from one of my favorite content creators Casey Neistat for quite some time now. In a video describing his life story he says "I always made a living so I could pursue my passion. I never pursued my passion to try to make a living".

Although I may not know exactly what direction my next step will be in, I am comforted by my success in pursuing my passions and aspire to keep it that way. I wish to learn lessons within every job I take on and continue to live for myself and not for what the whole world expects of me!

Can you describe what makes you feel FABULOUS while working?

The thing that makes me feel most fabulous when working on my jewelry company is my connection to my customers. As the company is entirely based through Instagram, I get the opportunity to communicate with each and every buyer. Oftentimes, it is a collaborative environment in which the customer tells me what they are looking for or what they are interested in and I do my best to create that for them. My curated designs are only half of what is featured on my page. I get to create with my customers through their requests, a process that is very rare in my opinion! The satisfaction of providing my customers with pieces that feel unique to them is indescribable. It is almost like going to a thrift store with something specific in mind and finding exactly that or something that is a bit different than what you intended but you like even more than your original thought!

I never expected to get into the world of jewelry making, but I certainly believe the company has taught me way more than the finished product of a few pliers' work. It has taught me how to relate to customers in a professional setting with no sense of pressure, how to draw inspiration from something as simple as a color request, how to attract attention to my brand and most importantly, how to keep customers returning for more.

I am grateful that my audience has stuck with me since the very beginning and I am able to gain income from doing the things I love. I have learned that when I do things that make myself proud, it is usually recognized by others. I aspire to have a future that continues that!

Thank you Sofia, for inspiring women of all ages everywhere to pursue their passions no matter their age. With your determination, your creativity, and the way you have utilized your current studies to create a business platform, you have shown us that we can do anything we put our minds to. It is women like you who others look up to, both older and younger. You are smart, innovative, and passionate, which makes you a role model to young entrepreneurs. We know the future will be nothing but bright and successful for you, and we look forward to following along!

To learn more about Sofia and support @Sccollection_, follow her on Instagram and check out her contact info below!

Sccollection Instagram: @sccollection_

Personal Instagram: @sofiacuccia

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sofia-cuccia-385486179/